Why Choose Country Credit Helper?

A Department of the Kunes Country Auto Group


Our salespeople are honest and hardworking. We strive to improve your experience by not only being the most knowledgable, but the most honest.


We put a lot of trust in our employees. Dealing with people of all walks of life and levels of economic status, we expect all of our staff to be trustworthy. As if they were part of your family, too.


Beyond more than just salespeople, they are friends and family. They will take the time to understanding who you are and what you can afford. Rather than pushing a sale, they wait until you are ready to decide.

How we can help YOU!

Understanding Student's Needs!


At Kunes Country we understand that having poor credit doesn't define you as a person. Credit challenges can happen to anyone at anytime, and no matter what your "number" is you need affordable and reliable transportation. Sometimes, as a young person, even a student, building that credit can seem impossible when you're starting from nothing.


The first line of our corporate mission statement is "We Build Peoples Lives." No matter what your personal situation may be, we can get you approved — often for a better vehicle than you'd expect. We will assist you through the buying process and beyond.

We understand that credit challenges can be difficult, and we are committed to making your purchase as easy as possible.

Poor Credit isn't a "No"...


Just because you have less than perfect credit doesn't mean that you should be destined to have an unreliable vehicle. We find so many of our clients have been in a trap — they can't afford a nice car so they get a crummy one; it breaks down so they miss work; a hefty repair bill plus lost wages puts them further behind; now the necessary repairs are worth more than the car!


The banks and lenders we work with demand — as do we — that you will be able to afford your vehicle — both the monthly payments and maintenance. Often times we will be able to include a warranty into your payment. We also perform safety inspections on all of our vehicles and that report is fully disclosed to you. We want to put you in a car that will perform well through the life of your loan. Give us a call today and we will start working to make that happen.


We're Here to Help YOU!

Here's the real tipping point! After "the sale," we know that a new vehicle loan through a reputable lending institution is the quickest way to improve your credit score. We work to set you up for improvement.  


We appreciate every customer who gives us the opportunity to serve them. After we are able to help you get in a vehicle, that's when we get excited — because we helped to make a difference. You should expect us to give you a call in a few months to check in and make sure your goals are on track. And, in a year to eighteen months we may be able to re-finance your current loan or get you into a newer vehicle with even better terms.


We take our motto of Building Peoples Lives seriously and love to help our customers be in a better situation.


Family Comes First

We get it. You are concerned with your family. As a Faith-driven company, our first and foremost desire is the provide for the families in our community and ease them into the safe, reliable vehicle. 


Designing our payment programs and financing options to better the monetary situations of our valued customers, we strive to put your life, your family and your budget FIRST.

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